Ginger Hanson

Ginger Hansen

Ginger Hansen (formerly Nguyen) is a board-certified and licensed practitioner of Chinese medicine, a fibromyalgia expert, a whole foods nutritionist and a transformational health coach with over a decade of clinical experience.

Ginger's professional journey was inspired by her own health struggles. As a young boat refugee growing up in Switzerland in a poor and health illiterate family, Ginger helplessly watched her family fall ill with chronic cardiovascular diseases resulting multiple strokes and lasting health conditions. She dealt with her own debilitating health problems with obesity, recurring headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, ADHD, allergies, brain fog and depression. When she hit rock bottom and the doctor once again recommended increasing the dosage of her prescription meds, she knew it was time to change her health and life trajectory to avoid ending up like her ill family.

Ginger embarked on a journey of mastering Chinese Herbal Medicine, went back to school to get her Master's Degree in Oriental Medicine, her board certification and license to practice. Ginger completed 3 years of clinical practice at 2 school clinics, and after graduation sought out some of the top award-winning practitioners in her field, moved cross country to study, intern and work intensively under their supervision. After successfully completing over 5000 hours of post graduate clinicals under her mentors and leading dozens of nutrition workshops, she eventually started her own successful pain clinic in Seattle, WA, which was later voted Best Of 425 by 425 Magazine in 2019 and 2020.

During her years in practice, she applied and further developed the effective pain treatment methods taught and practiced by her mentors by integrating it with nutrition coaching and transformational health coaching. Her commitment for continued self-development and life mastery led her to discover powerful methods to breaking limiting beliefs and self-sabotage and she integrated her knowledge in to her practice and saw huge positive shifts in her patients. She found that her pain and fibromyalgia patients who opted to work with her BEYOND just the musculoskeletal therapies got lasting transformational results. They were able to not only address their pains and symptoms, but they were able to transform their habit patterns, create lasting nutrition, lifestyle and belief changes and breakthrough not only in their health but in their careers, finances, relationships, happiness and beyond.

In her free time, Ginger reads books daily on personal development and health; she goes for a run around the lake and enjoys pilates six days a week; she loves boating, live music, travel adventures and exploring new healthy vegan restaurants with her husband, Ben.

Ginger has dedicated her life to mainstreaming Health Solutions for which there is no western conventional remedy to empower women, mothers, daughters and female leaders to rise up to their full potential.


Chris Volesky

Chris Volesky is a board-certified and licensed practitioner of Chinese Medicine, a fibromyalgia expert and a whole foods nutritionist with over 12 years of clinical experience.

His journey into fibromyalgia was in a large way inspired by his own health journey. He had spent years combating chronic pain, fatigue, and headaches and wasn’t getting any long-term solutions from the conventional medical system. The regular use of pain medicines eventually lead to an enlarged liver and several bouts of pancreatitis. His own health problems became a driving force for him to find long term solutions and eventually lead him down the path of a career in helping others overcome their health issues.

Early on in his career, he worked in a large hospital system in North Carolina as part of an Integrative medical team together with medical doctors, osteopaths, counselors and other therapists. One of the major problems many of the clinics were having is that the prevalence of fibromyalgia was very great and many of the doctors were simply running out of ways to treat their patients. They would usually try different drugs and over time the patients would habituate to the drugs or the side effects would be worse than the relief the drug actually gave. Many of these patients end up taking 10-15 different medications every day!

At one point, the medical director of the clinic started referring her fibromyalgia patients to see Chris. They were getting excellent results utilizing natural approaches so the medical director asked Chris to design a program specifically for helping people with fibromyalgia. Certainly, this was a great honor, but also a huge responsibility. Chris began combing through all the research he could find. He spoke with other doctors, osteopaths, neurologists, rheumatologists and even some other fibromyalgia specialists. With their help, he put together a basic fibromyalgia program and the integrative team began treating patients with this method.

After a few months, doctors from numerous other practices in the network began referring their fibromyalgia patients to them. The results were amazing! At one point, they started using an impact questionnaire to gain objective data on the program and they found that their program was getting more than double the pain relief compared to standard drug therapy! What was even more exciting is that the pain relief was lasting even after the treatment stopped!

Years later, Chris met some doctors who also specialized in fibromyalgia and they introduced him to a famous physician from Chengdu, China who further aided in putting together an even more comprehensive method of treating fibromyalgia patients. This combination of doctors greatly increased his own knowledge of helping fibromyalgia sufferers and at one point he was asked to start teaching this method to other doctors throughout the country. The safety and efficacy of this approach became so widespread, that he was asked to teach the seminar internationally and virtually and it is now being utilized in the US and numerous other countries.

Chris has joined Ginger in a quest to mainstream a Solution for Fibromyalgia. Fibro Solution has taken this fibromyalgia method even further. They turned it into a four-tiered approach that addresses not only the health of the whole body but also combines it with transformational health coaching as well as nutrition and lifestyle coaching to empower fibromyalgia sufferers to step into their full potential and create the healthy mind and body they deserve for life.